LightDek is superior traction, comfort, and a soft ride! The best choice for your boat!

Lightdek foam is comfortable, durable, and inexpensive. It will give your boat the best look while giving you an incredible anti-slip surface that will remain cold even under the highest temperatures! Our foams blend have minimal fillers and they are manufactured from polyethylene (PE) instead of ethyl-vinyl-acetate copolymers (EVA) or a PE/EVA mix. This make us have the finest cell structure in the market.

CNC Machine

To ensure a perfect fitting, LightDek is cut using a CNC machine, using a laser machine we ensure precision in even the finest details.

If you don’t have a CAT file we will send a technician to take a digital template. All our finished products are stunning and perfectly custom.



  • Is Available In Two Distinct Non-Skid Surface Textures And Several Colors.
  • Light Teak comes in either brushed, or smooth texture.
  • Teak comes 6mm thick.
  • ​Teak colors are reversible if requested.

Benefits that a fine cell structure allow to Lightdek


  • Excellent insulation, it remains cold under high temperatures

  • Superior tear strength/toughness

  • Premium Anti-slip surface, even when wet

  • None water absorption

  • Low weight

  • Easy to clean

  • High impact absorption, which decreases fatigue

  • UV blocker prevents fading

Why U-DEK versus the Competition?

LightDek is a cross-linked Polyethlyene (PE) based foam instead of EVA base foam which is what our competitors use.

Benefits of Polyethlyene (PE):

  • PE foam is more stable than EVA at high temps
  • PE foam is more durable than EVA foam
  • LightDek PE foam has extremely small, uniform cells creating a ultra-fine finish on decking products

LightDek PE

Our PE foam is a closed cell foam. The benefits of a closed cell foam are abundant.

  • Closed cell won’t absorb water
  • Excellent insulator
  • Great impact absorption
  • Lightweight
  • Wide range of densities available
  • Able to be thermoformed
  • Highly cross linked for toughness

Density Comparison

140kg per cubic meter or 8.7lbs per cubic foot

190kg per cubic meter or 11.9lb per cubic foot

That is a 26% weight savings with a more durable product!

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