Residential Flooring and Commercial Applications

With the variety of color and the design imagination of each customers we are able to construct the most beautiful residential flooring for interiors, wall, balconies and much more.

Benefits & Features

  • Sober elegance look and real teak feel.
  • Fire rating Certified by the International Marine Organization
  • US Coast Guard approval No. 164.112./ECO736/118.389
  • 100% Wood free.
  • Splinter-free, swell-free, crack-free and rot-free.
  • High skid resistance even when wet (Pendulum test class B).
Residential Flooring

Product Specs

Eco Friendly

EcoTeakSystem™ a material that is ecofriendly, contains only natural products excluding wood, a synthetic teak that behaves, looks and feels like real wood but requires minimum maintenance and is a long lasting solution that can be resurfaced and repaired maintaining the original teak appearance.


Sober Elegant Look and Real Teak feel


Skid Resistance


100% Wood Free


Splinter-free, swell-free, crack-free and rot-free.


Minimal Maintenance Required


UV Resistant

Certified by:

Technical Specifications

  • DENSITY ASTM: D2395:2002
  • Linear thermal expansion coefficient: ISO 11359-2
  • Flexural strength: EN 310
  • Behavior in water absorption & Humidity: ASTM D1037:2006a
  • Weathering and light stability after: QUV test 3500 h
  • ca. 1,5 g/cm³
  • 36,5×10(-6) 1/K
  • Class C (the highest class)
  • Little to No water absorption
  • Extreme resistance

QUV Test Weathering and UV Resistance

EcoTeak original Teak color without EcoTeak sealer

Eco Teak - Nautic Flooring fading test 2

EcoTeak original Teak color with EcoTeak sealer

Eco Teak - Nautic Flooring fading test


EcoTeak™ surfaces, which have been treated with finish, are extremely resistant as far as long-term weathering is concerned. The pigments used have not been destroyed. Furthermore, owing to the special formula of a long molecular composition, almost not weathering can be observed.


“The results of this long-term weathering test is compared to coated wooden surfaces and untreated synthetic surfaces, rated as very good”

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